Quick Cage Adapter

Put any cage on any bike, anywhere theres room.  The new Twofish Quick Cage Adapter’s flexible block and hook-and-loop strap secures any standard cage onto downtubes, seatposts, or anywhere space is available. Buy Locally

The Bikeblock

The most secure pump fastener available, the Bikeblock is shockproof, and won’t release a pump when jolted like most holders. Adjustable strap holds a wide variety of other accessories to chromoly frames, seat posts, and handlebars. Each channel opens separately, so the Bikeblock stays on the bike when the accessory is in use. Buy Locally

The Cycleblock

A single Lockblock with webbing-reinforced straps. The simple, fast solution to securely hanging U-locks or cable locks on the handlebar of any bike. Also holds flashlights up to C-cells. Adjustable, flexible, unbeatable. Buy Locally

Lockblocks XL

A three-point handlebar mount for locks with large shackles.  Works with Kryptonite’s New York Fahgettaboudit U-lock, Abus’s Granit U-lock series and OnGuard’s Pit-bull series. Buy Locally

Megablock XL

A single-point attachment system for large shackle U-locks like the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock, Abus’s Granit U-lock series and OnGuard Pit-bull series that simply and securely attaches to top tubes.     Five Star Review –  Bicycling Magazine“Jim’s favorite product of the month”  Buy Locally

Lockblocks U-lock mount

A set of three blocks secures almost any U-lock to almost any stem and handlebar.  Mounting position is balanced and stable.  Especially popular with women riders, riders of small frames, and riders who carry two water bottles. Buy Locally