Quick Cage 5” O.D. 64oz Growler Cage

The 5” O.D. 64 oz vinyl-coated Quick Cage is made from 18/8 stainless steel and is designed to hold Hydro Flask, MiiR, Stanley and any other 5” O.D. metal growler bottles.

Once you hit 40oz’s of fluid weight in a bottle you don’t want to use a 2 bolt cage to hold that load and that really increases when you hit 64 fluid ounces. Lugs for water bottle cages are in the thinnest wall of your frames tubing and so over time, the weight and vibration of the larger bottles presents the very real possibility/probability of pulling the lugs out of your frame, making it useless.

That is why we use two hook and loop straps and two Kraton blocks to securely hold that load. The blocks are soft with a high coefficient of friction to make sure when the cage is attached it sits down and stays. The blocks are also soft and flexible which allows them to form to any tubing shape while maintaining strength. The cages fit anywhere you have room for them.

Our strap-on cages are also the best choice for Carbon Fiber forks or frames. Our cages securely hold any bottle you could ever wish to carry, yet will never hurt your carbon fiber. Our strap-on cages also do well on shock forks because they just strap on and as we all know, you can’t modify a shock to put lugs in them… something about leaking fluid… yah, Proudly made in the USA.

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